Rookie Program


What is involved in the Rookie program?

All athletes begin here. Older athletes may move on quickly if they demonstrate capabilities that exceed this level of training

Program focuses on developing movement proficiency in body weighted exercises and simple movement exercises. The focus is on finding enjoyment in training and general development as an athlete, rather than too much sports specific training

Technique is emphasized over any increases in weight

Body weight is used in 90% of the exercises as resistance to increase neural and muscle development

Comprehensive performance and strength testing every 3 months

Programs introduce the concepts of a professional attitude and a regular training schedule

Expectations are attitude focused rather than results focused for conditioning exercises

Afforded exposure to higher tier athletes in the gym, providing a demonstration of higher level exercises

What is expected at this level?


Technique is emphasised over any increase in resistance or volume load. There is no substitute for proper technique.


Expectations are attitude focused rather than results focused for conditioning exercises.


Athletes are expected to be diligent in their stretching and cool downs. Extra work at home may be required to achieve full range of motion for all exercises.


Athletes are expected to try their best for all exercises, start their warm ups and follow the program to the best of their ability.

How do you progress to Colts Program?

As a requirement to progress to the next program level, each athlete must meet certain performance and attitude markers.  To progress from Rookie to Colts you must be able to complete two markers from each catergory;

Males / Females


  1. BW Squats – > 30 in 60 secs with 10kg
  2. Push Ups – > 20 / 10 on toes
  3. Plank – > 60 secs


  1. 10m Sprint – < 2 / 2.10 seconds
  2. Vertical Jump – > 35 / 30 centimetres
  3. 15m Beep Test – > Level 6 / 5, Shuttle 1


  1. Full squat – timber dowel
  2. Knee to wall stretch – > 5cm each side
  3. Overhead lock out – 15kg bar


  1. Attendence of at least 2 sessions per week
  2. Able to start own warm up and plan session
  3. Recognises the importance of following the program as written

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