Elite Program


What is involved in the Elite program?

These athletes are selected by the senior S&C coaches because the athletes have displayed the following:

They are representing their sport at a national level or above

They have demonstrated a commitment to training over and above those in the Premiers level. This entitles them to their own individual, sports specific program

Their physical capabilities exceed the entry requirements for the elite standard

Proven to have mastered the exercises and are competent to train independently

They are a good team player and act as a positive role model for younger athletes in the gym

Athletes will undergo physiological testing as dictated by their annual plan

What is expected at this level?

Males / Females


  1. Back Squat – > 1.5 / 1.2 x body weight
  2. Clean – > / 0.7 x body weight
  3. Bench Press – > 0.9 / 0.6 x body weight


  1. 10m Sprint – < 1.8 / 1.9 seconds
  2. Vertical Jump – > 55 / 45 centimetres
  3. 15m Beep Test – > Level 9 / 8, Shuttle 4


  1. SOT Press with 20 / 15 kg
  2. Full Pistol Squat each side
  3. Behind the neck snatch retrieval


  1. Attendance of at least 3 sessions per week
  2. Highly focused and motivated
  3. Encouraging and supportive to junior athletes

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