All members of Synergy Sports Performance receive a program that is specific to their ability and their goals.  Programs may cover various components of fitness such as speed, agility, power, strength and endurance or your program may be designed to focus on one specific aspect of your game that you feel is letting you down.   As we are also clinical Exercise Physiologists, if you find yourself on the sidelines due to injury; we can put together a program to get you back in the game sooner and with more confidence.  All our programming is designed to compliment your regular training sessions.  If you’re coming into finals time or you are just starting you pre season training, our sessions are manipulated to ensure all your sessions are working towards the same goal.  There is no limit to the amount of sessions that you can attend each week and as you progress and develop as an athlete, so too does your program.

How do you know which program is for you?

Eligibility for each program is performance based as well as attitude based.  Most new members will start at Rookie level and as you progress as an athlete and begin to require more specialised programming; you will graduate through the different programs.    The Rookie program is our beginner program and perfect you children and adolescents who are just starting to introduce strength and conditioning sessions into their weekly training programs.  The Colts program acts as an introduction to weight training and here you will be taught the main fundamental movements such as the Back Squat, Deadlift, Push Press, Bench Press etc.  As you move from the Colts program to the Premier program;  you will be introduced to more complex training concepts as well as the use of more technical lifts such as the Clean, Snatch, Jerk and their derivatives.  In time however, as your training age increases you will begin to require highly specialised training in order to keep excelling as an athlete.  At this point you will progress to our Elite level programming.

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Specific Programs

Perhaps you want to work on one aspect of your game specifically.  You might be looking to make your first dunk, move off the mark quicker, compete in your first triathlon or even train in your own gym.  Our coaches can put together specific programs for any goal.  The programs are fully personalised and designed to reach a specific goal in a specific time frame.

Squads, Teams and Schools

Synergy Sports Performance offers team and squad training packages for all sports, at all ages and across all levels.  Our strength and conditioning coaches will design specific periodised training program to suit your needs.  Improve speed, strength, power and fitness while separating yourself from the competition.  A properly designed strength program will also reduce the incidence of injury and build great team comradery.

If your high school teams are not including appropriately structured strength and conditioning programs under the close supervision of a qualified coach then your students are simply not going to be playing to their full potential.  High school is critical time to begin a safe and effective program to enhance mobility, strengthen joints and to install training concepts that will last a life time.  Sessions are not just about lifting weights.  A comprehensive program will include corrective exercise, specific energy system training, speed, agility, power and mobility drills as well.

Coaching Clinics and Information Sessions

If you are looking for information for your team on how different training concepts will encourage different training adaptations.  Our information sessions can be tailored to cover any topic of strength and conditioning you may be interested in and range from 30 mins to 60 mins.  This may include;

  • Physiological principles of athlete development and training, comparing the neural and mechanical components of skeletal muscle
  • Exercise Selection and Training to failure vs not training to failure
  • How to structure your training sessions?  Will you reach a ceiling sooner by only doing skill sessions?
  • Strength training to improve speed and agility
  • Strength training for children and adolescents

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Rookie Programs     Colts Programs       Premier Programs      Elite Programs