About Synergy Sports Performance

In the world of Exercise Science, athlete development is categorised as a special population because it is highly recognised that athletes require specialised equipment and a high level of knowledge and expertise in order to be trained appropriately.

Our Programs

At Synergy Sports Performance we have dedicated ourselves to creating a training environment which specifically caters to sports people.  All members of Synergy Sports Performance receive a program that is specific to their ability and their goals.  Programs may cover various components of fitness such as speed, agility, power, strength and endurance or your program may be designed to focus on one specific aspect of your game that you feel is letting you down.   As we are also clinical Exercise Physiologists, if you find yourself on the sidelines due to injury; we can put together a program to get you back in the game sooner and with more confidence.  All our programming is designed to compliment your regular training sessions.  If you’re coming into finals time or you are just starting you pre season training, our sessions are manipulated to ensure all your sessions are working towards the same goal.  There is no limit to the amount of sessions that you can attend each week and as you progress and develop as an athlete, so too does your program.

Our Facility

The Synergy Sports Performance facility is been purposely designed with athletes in mind.  To promote the transfer of performance from the gym to the game; we focus on functional movement patterns and free weights.  The lifting platforms and the racks have been set out in a way to create open space and creative freedom.  Equipped with basketballs, netballs, soccer balls and hockey sticks, our members are put through all sorts of fun and challenging conditioning drills.  The rubber flooring reduces strain on young bodies as they work on developing lower body power and perfecting landing mechanics.

Our Coaches

All training sessions are supervised by our degree qualified strength and conditioning coaches.  Our coaches are among the highest qualified strength and conditioning coaches in the region and have spent the past few years working with a great spread of Townsville athletes.  With an Olympian, several national and international athletes and an extensive list of state level athletes we have become well versed in prescribing and delivering high end training programs.  With that being said, the majority of our training sessions are spent with young local sports people who are just looking to improve their game in one way or another.  Our coaches understand the somewhat daunting task of entering a gym for the very first time and strive to make the process not only a comfortable one, but one that will install proper training methods for life.




Our practitioners are registered with as many health funds as possible to ensure our services are easily affordable. This means that you may be eligible for a rebate from your health fund for Dietitian consultations and memberships. Ask our friendly staff to see if you might be eligible.

Synergy Health Centre

SHC-Logo-Reversed-SQ_croppedSynergy Health Centre is an allied health practice and gym that is passionate about the interaction and cooperation of accredited allied health services to achieve a combined outcome greater than their separate efforts. Synergy Sports Performance is an integral component of this practice and works in collaboration with Compleat Nutrition, Sweet Solutions, Synergy Health & Fitness Solutions and Townsville Physio Point, all in one handy location!

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